Wednesday, July 9, 2014

we forget what love is

mistakes break us, disappoint us. We hurt not because of love…

…but because we forget what love is.


Started to have doubt in certain things in life after bringing up topics to friend. Doesn't see things like how it used to be. I missed those small little time when doing nothing and going for a small walk/ stroll in the park. Sitting at the couch watching shows, watching Running Man/How I met your mother together.

Those were the times. 

Help my friend apple for a shoot. Is been sometime we work together. =)

Tell me you are worth waiting for.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Finally had the chance to sit down and note down some thoughts

Been working non-stop for the past 1week. First working exhibition follow by PC Show.. Is been some time I get to work and meet new people everyday. Learn a lot about reality and how society shape us.

Manage to catch up with a few friends that I neglected when I'm busy mugging for exams. With all the small talks and advice as well as heart to heart talk session, this brought me to another level of reflections and how I could handle stuff better.

1.Love, Relationship

One can love someone but doesn't mean is the same as falling in love. Yes you may found someone new, eventually move on, but at the end of the day the person you marry might not be the one you experience most heartbreak. Than again you can agree and disagree with me. There's not definite answer, it all goes down to your own beliefs.

 2. Friendship
Strengthen the close (old) friends before meeting new friends.

One friend once told me about this. "No point meeting new people and spent most of the time hanging out with them and neglect the old, and only realize their existence when they no longer there." 

True to say, that, time wait for no one, nothing will stay the same. The world is ever changing. One must improve to able to keep up the trend and generation. 

Everything draws down to one conclusion, and that, this is life.

Friday, June 6, 2014

VOTE for Me!

I'm back in joining competition again. Opps! hahha!

PLEASE VOTE for ME! Number 1. 5 VOTES PER DAY! =)


Sunday, June 1, 2014

原来在你眼里, 我什么都不是。

Well, I guess faking a smile live longer. May the next day be a better day.